How to Spur Your Connections

Let’s be honest. Making connections on a dating app is much more challenging than meeting someone face-to-face. So, is there a way that we can replicate or simulate that same feeling of connectivity through an app? At Spur, we have provided a list of go-to moves to help spur your connections online when you see someone you would like to match with.

1. Show your playlist

music playlist

Show off your musical taste, and that will resonate with someone. Research suggests that music tastes are one of the most important aspects people look for in potential partners. Pop music, and show off your fun dance club music to listen to. People will often connect with others online if they find similar things on their profile such as musical taste.

2. Be humorous

funny person selfie

Often, a way through a lover’s heart is through laughter. Looks can only get you so far, but if you show a good personality through a sense of humor, that would be more exciting and engaging for the individual. Show off your meme experience and knowledge and explode with new and creative, inventive memes and crack a smile at a potential suitor out there.

3. Spice up your TEXT life

people with emojis

No one likes a boring texter. Make sure emotion comes across through your messaging. Adding in emojis, gifs, and memes is a great way to show you are engaged. Comedy and humor are great ways to get to a person’s heart, so showing off your personality with your best emoji would go far in making someone laugh and get noticed. 

4. Play with Snapchat

people with snapchat

Utilize Snapchat as your friend. If you have a Bitmoji, show your Avatar and the fun creative adventures that your Bitmoji has gone through in the weekly stories. Add that to your profile and your Avatar can show how spontaneous and adventurous you are.

5. Be giflarious

Use gifs to showcase your meme personality. Do not be afraid to reveal your expertise in gif knowledge. Send them a happy birthday gif to stand out, even though it is not their birthday or send a weird gif to highlight your quirkiness.

6. Be a great conversationalist!

people text messaging

Do not just say “Hi” or “Hey” in your messaging. Say a funny joke or throw in a compliment to the crush. Remember your message is the first interaction with your crush, so just throwing in a lazy “hi” is probably not going to get any notice from your crush.

7. Specificity counts!

people partying

Use specific memes or create your own meme that is funny, catchy, and easy to understand and remember. Utilizing the most old-fashioned, outdated, overused memes would probably not set a good tone to someone you would like to go on a date with.

8. Show off your quirks

taking funny pics

If you have a passion or are a huge fan of an activity or a television show or movie, by all means, Spur encourages you to reveal that crazy interesting fan knowledge. Show off your anime clothes, or be in tune with the quotes from your favorite author or movie scenes. Being quirky is not a turn-off. It actually allows you to separate the weeds from the grasses of people who would be great matches for you.

Spur is a dating app that challenges the conventional norms of swiping in dating apps by introducing Pops, an interactive way of upgrading pictures and highlighting profiles using gifs, emojis, and song tracks in your pictures. Spur focuses on what the point of a dating app is, to bring you better connections!


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